SYNPO, akciová společnost (CZ)

SYNPO was founded in 1952 as a state-owned Research Institute for Synthetic Resins and Coatings and it has been the leading center of applied R&D in polymers ever since. Since 1992 it is a "for-profit"                                                       company conducting specialized in: 1) Development of Polymers; 2)                                                   Sale of Paints; 3) Custom-made Production; 4) Analysis,                                                                       Calibration, Testing; 5) Sale of Viscometers; 6) Other Services. 

                                                 Contacts: Dr. Vladimir Spacek


The Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is the leading academic institution in the field of polymer chemistry, polymer physics and polymer material science in Slovak Republic. The activities of the Department of Composite Materials are focused on the research and development of polymeric composites and nanocomposites, polymeric blends and polymeric surfaces. 

                      Contact: Dr. Matej Micusik

MASARYK UNIVERSITY (CZ) - Department of Physical Electronics 

The Department of Physical Electronics of Masaryk University has long been engaged in the development of various types of plasma sources and the processing of surfaces by plasma. One of the intensively studied areas is to improve the wettability of plasma-treated surfaces and the formation of reactive compounds to improve the adhesion of coatings and adhesives to the treated surface.

                                                Contact: Dr. Barbora Pijakova


UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA (LU) - Institute for Mechanics of Materials 

The Institute for Mechanics of Materials, University of Latvia is well known research institution in the fields of polymers and composites since 1963. The "niche" of LU is wide-scale research in mechanics and materials science with an accent to polymers and composites.

Contact: Dr. Andrey Aniskevich